What to Wear When You Elope in Bali

Before you start shopping, it’s important to have a game plan – having a rough idea of what you’re looking for will help you narrow down your options! Here are some things to consider before you commit and decide on what to wear when you elope.

This is Your Wedding Day!
A small ceremony absolutely doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress up and feel your best! While it’s totally okay if you’re feeling something a little more casual, don’t downplay the importance of this day. Choose something that you feel amazing in!

Unlike a traditional wedding venue, the great outdoors doesn’t have a thermostat! Make sure you know when and where you’re eloping, and what kind of weather you should be prepared for. Especially in higher elevation areas, where the weather can change quickly, it’s important to bring layers! You definitely don’t want to spend your elopement day feeling uncomfortable, shivering or sweating all day, so make sure when you decide what to wear when you elope that you think about the weather.

What You’ll Do
Every elopement is different, so the attire that works for one may not work for another! Think about where you’re eloping, and what you have planned – is the vibe more casual, like a beach elopement? Or do you want something more formal? If you’re having waterfall wedding, a heavy dress or a thick suit might make things more difficult, but if your elopement location is a little chilly, keeping warm with added layers would help!

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