The Best Time to Have Elopement Wedding in Bali

I know the thought of a destination wedding in Bali can seem a little daunting, but that’s why I created this guide. I break down the best places to elope, how to get legally married, and ideas for fun activities for your trip.

Whether you’re looking to get elope on the beautiful beaches of Bali, or surrounded by lush mountains – Bali has something for everyone. Imagine getting your elopement wedding in an attractive beach, under the sunset, or in secluded place where surround by nature and accompanied by different kind of food and local attractions that you’ve never had before.

So When is the best time to have your elopement in Bali ?

In general, Bali has great weather for an outdoor wedding. Why is that? Bali has warm, but not so hot weather. Although the air is relatively humid, it’s cleaner than a crowded city. There are two main seasons in Bali, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season starts from November to February and the dry season starts from April to September.

To sum up, dry season will be the best season to visiting Bali. The air is less humid than the rainy season and the wind is not too strong.

If you’re afraid that the heat will be uncomfortable, especially when you have to wear a wedding dress or a tuxedo, then chill out. The weather in dry season won’t be as hot as the summer season after all. The temperature may only reach 28oC at maximum.

The only problem is, dry season is also a high season in Bali. In another word, the beaches and roads will be crowded with tourists. But, if you are the type who loves a lively town, then go for it.

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