How to make your Elopement feel special when it just two of you in Bali

Just like all things elopement, the ceremony is can be absolutely anything you want it to be! But, there are a few things that are included in most elopement ceremonies.

Do your first look at the altar
As appealing as a first look may seem, there is something to be said about a traditional wedding where the bride and groom first see each other at the altar. The moment the bride walks in, but all you can focus on is seeing your future spouse at the altar because you’ve been separated all morning. Seeing that smile as he or she lights up seeing you is a moment you’ll never forget.

Reading Vows
The first elopement ceremony staple is a vow exchange. This is how most couples begin their ceremony, by reading their vows to each other. In a traditional wedding ceremony with a celebrant, the celebrant begins by introducing the couple and saying a few words before leading into their personalized vows, but if you elope just the two of you, you’ll likely begin by sharing your vows. Writing your own is a really great way to make your ceremony special, and I also recommend using vow books or writing them on paper – it feels a lot more special and looks better in photos than holding up a phone!

Ring Exchange
After you read your vows, most couples exchange rings. Traditionally, the circular shape of a ring symbolizes infinity, and means that your connection is unbroken! If rings aren’t your thing, one way to make your elopement ceremony special can be to replace this with something else. Many couples use another piece of jewelry, like a necklace, some couples get a ring tattoo on their finger instead, and others opt for exchanging gifts or doing something special without rings.

A Kiss to Seal the Deal
The last thing that typically happens during an elopement ceremony is your first kiss as a married couple! After you make your vows, exchange rings, you share a kiss to make it official.

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