How to Get Legally Married in Bali

Getting married in Bali is strictly a religious endeavor. As such, couples from the U.S. need to be from one of the officially recognized religions (i.e., Buddhist, Christian Catholic, Christian Protestant, Hindu or Islam). To get legally married in Bali, couples need both a civil ceremony and religious ceremony, unless you are undertaking a Muslim wedding. Additionally, couples need to attain and present the following documents during the application process:
1. Copy Passport Bride and Groom
2. Copy Birth Certificate Bride and Groom
3. Original CNI By Consulate / Embassy Bride & Groom
4. Letter of statement where you stay ( By Hotel or Villa )
5. Baptism Certificate before wedding ceremony 2 person
6. Police Report permission to marry in bali
7. Pas Photo together 4 x 6 ( 8 pcs ) background red
8. 2 Copy ID Witness
9. Copy of Divorce Paper when relevant
10.Copy of Death Certificate of former spouse if applicable
11.Copy of Documentary evidence of any change of name (e.g, former marriage certificate / deed poll)

All of the documents should be translate in Bahasa and Do note that for a catholic wedding, the ceremony is mandatory to be held in a catholic church.

You may contact us to assist your legal wedding process. In case you find the process of getting married legally in Bali to be too extensive for the available time, you can make your commitment in Bali a symbolic and official wedding in your home country. You will have fulfilled your dream to have Bali wedding without having to go through the hassles of getting married officially.

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