How Long is an Elopement Ceremony?

A question that couples often have about open ceremonies is how long they are. This depends on what you have planned! A simple elopement ceremony with vows and rings usually only takes about 15 minutes.While some people still think of elopements as short and sweet, here’s why I think your elopement should be an all day event!

You Deserve to Celebrate Your Union
Let’s get one thing straight: eloping isn’t any less meaningful than a traditional wedding. Read that again. The important part of a wedding day isn’t applause after your ceremony, or line dancing, or being tagged in Instagram stories all weekend– it’s the day that you and your partner commit yourselves to one another. That’s all that really matters, and you deserve to celebrate that however you please.

You Should Enjoy Your Day
A lot of couples decide to elope because the thought of planning a big wedding and spending the day surrounded by a hundred people sounds stressful. So don’t make the mistake of only scheduling a couple of hours for your elopement day – because you’ll feel rushed, and stressed out by any curveball or slight delay, when you should be spending the day enjoying yourself, and cherishing every moment.

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