Cost For Waterfall Wedding In Bali

Wedding is a unique and very special once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most people thinking of Bali for their wedding are drawn to the beach and sea. However often overlooked, are various inland venues such as the serene atmosphere of a waterfall.

We couldn’t have imagined it better. Ceremony at the waterfall around the jungle birds singing water noise, an insanely beautiful arch of fresh flowers in the background, the whole atmosphere, the color in which we plunged, it is simply impossible to express in words. It was a magical day for us.


Most of natural Waterfalls in Bali are located in remote areas. You will need at least 250 steps to walk down to the best location which may take about 1 hour, depend on how fast you walk, and don’t forget that you will need to get back up after the wedding. The path itself are quite small and slippery. So you both and guests if any have to be very fit, athletic and love this kind of exercise. There are of course some stop areas to rest if you or your guests are feeling tired. The most easy access of the waterfall in Bali is Tibumana waterfall. It is only 15 km or 30 minutes from Ubud center. From the parking area, you need to walk down to the waterfall about 15 minutes.


To visit and have a waterfall wedding would be during our dry season and June, July, August, and September are best months! However, the number one piece of advice is that nobody can guarantee the weather and with global warming, it is happening now it isn’t predictable. It could be raining in the middle of August! And there is no back up venue in case of rain. So unless you both are ‘crazy’ and ready to take a chance, this wedding style is not ideal. Other facts that waterfalls are public areas so there may be some strangers are watching your ceremony. To avoid too many people, We would suggest having the wedding between 08.00 to 09.00 am


Everyone wishes to have a good day and happy memories but no wedding planner in Bali will guarantee your safety and give any insurance for this type of event so you will need to take your own risks! You may inform your insurance company for holiday insurance so they may cover any eventuality that may occur to you both and your guests. Please be prepared and be aware!


Related to the weather and no backup venue in case raining, you may be able to discuss with your wedding planner to change the wedding date or wedding venue but there may be last-minute cancellation or amendment fees due to the celebrant and vendors commitments. So are you really ready and still excited for this type of wedding? If yes, then we are happy to offer you a ‘Waterfall Bali Wedding’.


Some people think having a wedding is expensive but the fact that elopement isn't as expensive as what you imagine ! Waterfall wedding starts from $2450 for all of these inclusions

Venue usage at Waterfall

Marriage celebrant

Fresh and personalize decoration including decorative flower arch and altar table arrangement

Stylish flower hand bouquet and boutonniere for the groom

Personalize welcome signage, commemorative certificate and registration book

2 Hours photography service

1 Time makeup and hair do for Bride


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